Domaine de Mauroue

The Estate & Exterior


Let the nature refresh your mind and body.

Close surroundings of the villa include the private lake, a tennis court, a 25 m swimming pool, French & Japanese gardens, and a helicopter landing area.

Furthermore, two seperate facilities are located in near proximity to the villa. The staff house serves mainly as staff accomodation, but also provides space for horse stables, a cooling room for processing hunted deer or game, a garage, as well as an organic vegetable garden.

The second facility, the hangar, currently serves as a museum of the historic lavender manufactory. With its 4,000 sqm surface, it can easily accomodate a vintage car collection, or be used as a vast storage area.

With its 300 hectars of private land, including crop fields as well as forests, the Domaine allows for organic agriculture and hunting alike. The entire estate is fenced, and thus ensures complete privacy and security.

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Domaine de Mauroue